Convert YouTube to MP3 on Various Devices

You can convert video file to any format such as MP3, MP4, and mkv. To be able to do this you definitely need a tool that can be used to compress and one of them is Ytmp3.

The technique for changing the format is called compression because files that were previously in the form of videos or MP4s are converted to MP3s, which automatically become smaller in size. This video compression can be done on various devices and here are several ways.

Easy Ways to Convert Videos to MP3

Currently, many tools can be used to compress videos, and can even be done online using Ytmp3. Converting video to audio online can be done quickly and without any hassle.

What’s more interesting is that by using this tool you can change it using several devices such as laptops, computers, and smartphones. However, remember that to compress online, you need an internet connection.

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Here’s how to compress on various devices using Ytmp3.

a. Compress Videos Using an Android Smartphone

For this first method, you can use an Android device to easily convert videos to MP3. The following are the steps.

  • First go to YouTube and look for the video you want to compress
  • After finding the desired video click copy URL
  • Enter the browser and go to the video conversion website
  • Later there will be two download format options, namely MP3 and MP4
  • If you want to download in MP3 format then select MP3
  • Copy the URL in the box provided and click “Convert”
  • Wait a few moments until a link appears for download and click
  • Wait a few moments until the download is complete

b. Compress Videos Using a Laptop

If you use a laptop or PC to do this conversion or compression, the method is more or less the same as the previous method. The following are the steps you can follow.

  • The first step is to open YouTube and search for the video you want
  • Next copy the link or URL
  • Open a web browser and open the converter website then copy the URL
  • Make sure to select MP3 format if you want to download in that format
  • Click convert
  • Wait a few moments until the download link appears and click download
  • If you want to ensure the audio quality first, you can click play
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Convert YouTube Videos for Free

After knowing how to compress using several devices using Ytmp3, you also need to know more about this tool. This tool or service can be used to compress videos not only to MP3 format but also MP4.

What’s more interesting is that you can use this service for free. You need to know that when you compress there you will always choose the highest quality. However, it is important to note that this video compression tool is only capable of compressing videos with a maximum duration of 90 minutes.

This limitation is done so that video compression does not take too long. This service is not only free, but you don’t need to create an account or register when you want to use it.

Even though this service provides good audio results for each compressed video, you need to pay attention to the tips below to maximize the audio results.

A. Choose A Video Source With High-Quality

Before compressing, try to choose a high-quality video source. When the original video used is of good quality, the audio that will be produced will be good too. So try to choose a high-resolution video.

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B. Pay Attention To The Bitrate

Bitrate is an important parameter when compressing audio. The higher the bitrate will of course be directly proportional to the quality of the audio that will be produced. The minimum bitrate that can be used is 256 kbps and can be higher to get high-quality audio.

C. Using Audio Editing

If you want clearer audio, you can use audio editing which is now widely available. This tool is useful for removing noise in the audio so that the audio will be clearer. Using editing is also useful for adding various needed effects.

D. Avoid Repeat Conversions

When compressing videos to MP3, try not to do it repeatedly. Every conversion will definitely reduce the quality of the audio. Therefore, try to compress it only once and save the original file.

E. Backup Original Video Files

The next important thing that should not be ignored is when you have found the best quality video to compress. It’s a good idea not to forget to back up the video so that if one day you want to compress the video again you can use it straight away.

Those are the steps to compress using Ytmp3 on Android devices and laptops. Hopefully, the information above is useful and good luck trying.