Stream MP3 Online for Free: How and Where

Music is something that cannot be separated from people in this era. This change is happening because music is getting better, similar to before when not everyone could enjoy music. But nowadays, people who have cell phones can easily listen to the music they like.

Nowadays many platforms or applications can make you listen to music, but many often have advertisements in each music, which is quite annoying.

Therefore this article is here to let you know that there is a platform to listen to MP3 online for free, namely YTMP3.

Get to Know YTMP3

YTMP3 is a platform that will let you stream MP3 online and you can even download it so that in the future you no longer need to use the internet if you want to listen to your favorite songs offline.

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YTMP3 has a very friendly user interface, so there is no need to be confused about how to use this website, which is simple and relatively easy for new user. They even have 10 trending music that you can enjoy if you are confused about which music to listen to.

Although YTMP3 has the advantage of uninterrupted music streams, its main advantage is the download feature where you can download videos from YouTube to be converted into Audio (MP3) and Video (MP4).

How To Use YTMP3

This is the way to go when using YTMP3:

  • Open the desired song on YouTube
  • Copy the link from YouTube
  • Open the YTMP3
  • Paste the link that has been copied from YouTube into the box provided on the YTMP3 website
  • Click Submit
  • Select the desired MP3 quality
  • Click Download
  • After doing all these things, you can enjoy the music continuously even if you don’t have internet

Advantages of Using YTMP3

Here are some advantages of using YTMP3:

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1. Easy-To-Use Website

YTMP3 has a UI display that is pleasing to the eye because it is simple so people do not need to be confused when using it.

2. Fast Video Conversion

Once YTMP3 gets the link from YouTube, they will convert it to the file type you want and this process is quite fast.

3. Offer Various Conversion Audio Formats such as (Mp3) And Video (Mp4)

Two file formats can be enjoyed, so it is good whether you want to focus on listening only, namely the Mp3 format and if you want to enjoy the video, you can also use the Mp4 format.

4. Quality Conversion That Can Be Selected as Desired

Of the two formats, Mp3 and Mp4, each has a quality to choose from. For MP3 format files, there are 5 options, namely 64kbps, 128kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, and 420 kbps. As for files with Mp4 format, there are 6 choices, namely 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p60, and 1080p60.

5. Mobile Friendly

This YTMP3 website is quite mobile-friendly, so not only PC and laptop users can enjoy it.

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6. Conversion Results is Downloadable

The results of the conversion done by the website can be downloaded in a format that you can choose according to your wishes, so there is no need to use the internet if you want to hear the music.

7. Free Platform

YTMP3 is a free website and not an app that requires a fee to fully enjoy.

8. There is No limit When Downloading

For those of you who want to download, there is no limit to downloading the songs you want, such as only being able to download 10 songs in one day. This can help you to create a delicious music playlist.

Disadvantages of Using YTMP3

Here are some of the drawbacks of YTMP3:

1. Limited Audio Format

The audio format is MP3 type only, with no other types such as AAC or WAV.

2. Limited Video Format

For Video formats, YTMP3 only provides Mp4-type files, with no other type such as MKV type.

3. Problems with Copyright

When used for profit such as selling music downloaded from YTMP3 this can lead to copyright and even prosecution. Therefore, YTMP3 recommends using this website for personal use only.

4. Batch Conversion

If you want to download a lot of songs, then this is quite complicated, because you need to copy the link from YouTube first, and then paste it into YTMP3. In other words, there is no batch conversion feature on this site. That’s why it can get boring if you do it more than 10 times, and even if you forget to copy the link from YouTube, you will repeat opening YouTube again.