Free YouTube to MP3 Converter: Your Ultimate Guide

Now there is a site that provides tools to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 easily, and quickly and you can save them. The conversion method is very easy because you only need to enter the YouTube link of the video you want to save. Check out the following explanation of the method and the advantages of the YTMP3 site, which is a YouTube-to-MP3 converter site.

How to Convert and Download Videos from YouTube to MP3

If you want to make good use of the YouTube converter site, then you need to know first how to do it. The steps are actually very simple, you know, so we, namely you, will be able to do it easily through this site. Check out the explanation of the steps below.

  1. To convert a YouTube video, you need a link from the YouTube video first, so you have to first search for the video you want on YouTube.
  2. After that, you have to copy the link from the YouTube video by clicking share and then copying the link that appears there. You can also copy the link from the top of the browser which is the link address for the YouTube video.
  3. Open the YouTube Converter site and then you need to paste the link that you copied previously from YouTube. After that, you click convert, and you only need to wait a few moments for the video to be converted into an audio file in MP3 format. The conversion process itself does not take long, because the encoder used is very sophisticated and the quality is very good.
  4. After that, a link will appear that can be used to download, and you only need to click on the link to start the download process.
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These are the steps that we think are quite easy to do, so you can get the audio from the YouTube video you want.

Advantages of the YTMP3 Site

This YTMP3 site is indeed one of the YouTube Converter sites whose quality is very good, so, naturally, many people use it. Several advantages are the reason this site is widely used to convert videos from YouTube to MP3. Check out the explanation below.

1. You can convert unlimitedly for free

This site provides unlimited conversion services, so you can convert many YouTube videos to MP3 on this site. You don’t have to pay any fees, so you can convert and download many times on this site at no cost. You only need to prepare internet connection to access the site and also for the mp3 download process.

2. MP3 Output Quality is high

This site also has high-quality MP3 output, so you can listen to audio more comfortably. High quality means the audio will sound very clear and the details of each audio in the video can still be heard clearly. This high output quality makes many people rely on this site when they want to extract audio from videos on YouTube.

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3. Very fast conversion process

The video converter program encoder on this site is also the best, so the converting process will run very quickly. When you have pasted the link and clicked convert, the converting process will run and in just a few seconds it will be finished. Not all sites have an encoder like that, and this makes the converting process via this site much faster and more optimal.

4. Simple appearance and easy to use

This site also has a simple appearance, making it easier for people who want to convert videos from YouTube. The site contains a box that houses the YouTube link and a convert button to start the process of converting videos from YouTube. After that there is a download link that is used to save, so it makes it very easy for people to use the site.

5. No Need to Create an Account

This site can also be used without using an account, so you don’t need to bother creating an account on the site first. The process of converting and saving audio from YouTube is even faster because you need to create an account. You don’t need to log in, open the site, and you can immediately convert videos from YouTube and download them.

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6. Safe from viruses

This site can be said to be safe from viruses because there are not many pop-up advertisements appearing on their site pages. Pop-up ads may contain viruses which are of course very dangerous for your device when you visit the site.

7. Maximum Compatibility

The output from this site also has maximum compatibility, so it can be played on various devices that you use. Even though it has high audio quality, its compatibility is very good, so it can be played on laptops, smartphones, and even other devices.